Open those information qualities to drive prominent choices. Dependent upon its rich exploratory background, ERM gives profound information mining administrations with help organizations recover genuine benefits of the business chances What's more set them under act. We offer following specialized Advanced Data Analysis Services

Initial advice and direction

We help you understand how your benefits of the business specifically get an aggressive focal point starting with information mining.



Advanced Data Analysis implementation

We offer full-cycle Data Analysis beginning from information assembling and purging to significant demonstrating and proposals on usage. To make the outcomes more open, we offer improvement of bespoke devices to be available from portable, desktop or web environment.

Support service

ERM offers continuous data analysis on the regular basis to keep you well informed.



Our Expertise

Our highly skilled experts have wide experience in

Building complex prescient models

Building measurable models (e.g. straight relapse, logistics relapse, time arrangement models)

Machine learning calculations and routines (e.g. affiliation rules)

Text and semi-organized information mining

Pattern acknowledgment

Knowledge representation

Decision routines

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